At Sisal, you can find products and materials from reputable brands for every room in you house.
We create for you a unique space of selected environments where we combine quality with good taste.

We have, in the store, the professional-oriented Self-Service concept
Of the area, allowing better interaction and service for the end customer.

We have a wide range of options in a single space:
Bathroom | Bathroom Furniture | Electric Material
Fitted Kitchen | Tables and Chairs | Air Conditioning
Heating | Lighting | Flooring


The most importante phases of Sisal's life
Start of activity called
Electro Silva & Sá by José Couto
Sá e António Neves Silva.
Name change for Sisal
Sanitary Ware Silva e Sá, Lda
Opening of the first installations
with an area of 2000m² in Olival,
Vila Nova de Gaia
Sisal has no longer dedicated itself to electrical and sanitary installations and started to market sanitary ware
Closure of the facilities in Olival and opening the new one with a total area of 4000m², located in the Zona Indústrial da Feiteira, Grijó, Vila Nova de Gaia
1990 - 1995
Opening and permanence of a Store in the Carrefour Shopping Center, total area of 100m²

Opening of a shop in the center of Vila
Nova de Gaia, total area of 400 m² replacing the Carrefour store
Change of company type to Sisal, Materiais de Construção, S.A.
Opening of the existing facilities located in the Zona Indústrial da Feiteira, Grijó with a total area of 10.000m², where all Sisal's activity is centralized.
Re-inauguration of the Sisal exhibition, with a more welcoming and modern aspect.
35th anniversary of Sisal
Year of Change,
Year of Promotions,
Year of the 40 Years of Sisal!